Flushable Wipes Are Anything But

Septic Systems 101: Are You Damaging Your Septic System By Flushing… Flushable Wipes?




Flushable Wipes are becoming used  more and more in our every day lives. In fact, in 2009 alone Americans spent over $4.5 billion dollars on these disposable non woven cloths.  That equals out to 250,356 tons of wipes being flushed or thrown away by Americans in 2009 alone. Since wipes are so convenient, this number is expected to raise every year.

The problem?

Flushable wipes do not break down. They only “flush”.


That equals out to Six hundred twenty five million, seven hundred and ninety thousand personal wipes used in 2009!

Wipes began being used and disposed of commercially in the late 1970’s, becoming a household staple soon after. Flushable wipes are made to be durable enough for rigorous use and cleaning, similar to that of...