Drainfield Inspections Save You From Costly Failures

The Distribution Box is one of the best modern advances in septic system drainfields. Located at the beginning of the drainfield, the distribution box is in charge of distributing sewage from the tank into the drainfield into a uniform manner. Like a broken sprinkler head, if the distribution box is compromised in some way there can be puddling or worse, keeping the effluent (water from the septic tank) from being evenly distributed into the drainfield.

It is essential to keep your distribution box functioning to the highest degree possible to avoid system failures. Common problems of the distribution box include structural integrity and corrosion, root or soil infiltration, solids from your tank, or being overly saturated. While some of these issues can be fixed if caught in time, these issues could lead to a drainfield failure. A drainfield failure not only requires thousands of dollars to fix but also a new placement of the drainfield on your land.

With such a costly and messy effect, we wanted to provide a safety guard for our customers. For every residential septic tank pumping we offer a free septic stress test that includes a distribution box inspection. Next time you are having issues with your septic system, especially your drainfield, don’t hesitate to call us.