Donation Matching Program 2016

Blog: Donation Matching Program 2016

Our Annual Donation Matching Program Is Back!

Last year Speedy Septic donated $9,548 to local Oregon charities benefitting local seniors through meal delivery, new clothing, and health services during the holiday season. This year, from October through December 2015, we are continuing to give back to local seniors while enlisting the help of our customers.

With every residential septic service job, our award winning technicians will be asking customers to add an additional $4 to their bill. For every donation we receive we will match the donation amount. The donations will be given to local Meals on Wheels programs. With each Meals on Wheels delivered meal costing an average of $7.39, the $8 donation from Speedy Septic and it’s customers will help eliminate senior isolation and hunger while bringing awareness to the danger local seniors face.

“You can see the difference Meals on Wheels makes in a community and that’s why we chose them,” co-owner Jeff Phelps said. “The deliveries don’t just bring a smile to seniors faces they help save lives by just the simplicity of human interaction.” Along with the meals provided by Meals on Wheels, they also serve as a safety check to seniors with little daily social interaction. According the national Meals on Wheels website, nine out of ten seniors who receive the meals feel more safe and secure in their home and that’s a program Speedy Septic is proud to support.

For a small donation of $4 you can help feed local community members in need! Help us raise awareness and meals for local seniors with your septic service this holiday season. You can contact us and schedule appointments here.