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Home Septic System Inspections Prevent Expensive Septic System Failures.

Did you know your home’s septic system has a limited life span of 5 to 50 years? The last thing a new homeowner needs is the sudden, unexpected cost of a septic system replacement. That’s why it’s so important to have a thorough inspection before you buy a home or property with a septic system.

Oregon requires all septic inspections to use the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to use their 8-page ESER form. At Speedy Septic we take inspections seriously and provide you not only the DEQ’s ESER form but also photos and records to make sure you get the most from your inspection. We also make sure all Speedy Septic inspections are conducted by trained experts using specialized equipment to more accurately diagnose your home septic system’s condition and identify potential signs of failure.

With Washington State inspections varying by county, Speedy Septic provides the same great level of detail to our Washington inspections customers. We offer our residential customers two levels of inspections:

  • Non-Certified Inspection – this inspection assesses the condition of your septic tank only. Using the DEQ’s ESER form you’ll learn the septic tank’s overall condition and noting any compromises, our trained experts will inspect the tank, ensure proper draining of tank, and look for holes and leaks to determine any periods of overfilling.
  • Certified Full System Inspection – we highly recommend this inspection, which assesses not only the tank but your home’s drain field as well. Using specialized equipment, we will tell you what kind of system you have, its location on your residence’s property (sometimes we find that it’s on a neighbor’s property), its usage capacity, an assessment of its past maintenance, its current utilized percentage, and whether the system has been installed to residential code and with a permit. This inspection uses the DEQ’s 8 page ESER form to give you a detailed report of the system’s current condition.

With a Speedy Septic residential inspection, you’ll get more than “just an idea” of your home septic system’s condition. You’ll have legitimate information that can drastically reduce the risk of costly future septic expenses.

Your Trusted Septic Repair Resource

Our technicians never sell repairs or work during an inspection. Should our septic inspection reveal a problem, Speedy Septic will provide a quote later for reliable septic tank repairs, including fixing leaks, repairing internal plumbing, repairing risers and installing filters.

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