What Size Septic Tank Do I Need?

What Size Septic Tank Do I Need?

The Right Septic Tank Size for Your Pacific Northwest Home or Business

In Oregon, the DEQ bases their septic tank size requirements on the number of bedrooms your home has. The DEQ requires a 1,000 gallon septic tank for homes with up to four bedrooms and a 1500 gallon for 5 bedrooms. However, you may need a larger tank than these numbers if your household produces more wastewater or higher waste strength – such as the usage of a garbage disposal.

Since a septic tank’s function is to settle out the solids and digest the organic material in it, there is usually always a benefit to the entire system’s health and life span if a larger tank is used. Larger tanks provide more treatment, better settling and also may require less frequent pumping. For example, a 1,000 gallon septic tank connected to a four-person home would need to be pumped about every 2.6 years. If the same system had a 1500 gallon tank, you would only have to pump every 4.2 years.

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