Where The Contents Of Your Tank Go

Where The Contents Of Your Tank Go

We are often asked what happens to the contents that we pump out of a septic tank. It’s pretty simple- back to helping our community and environment. We have sustainability in mind at all times and we take great pride in our desire to do so. Our process is carefully planned so that we return the waste taken from your tank back to the Earth in the most environmentally beneficial way possible.

Your Tank
It all starts at your septic tank. When we arrive we uncover and pump out your tank. We make sure we get all of the three layers in your tank, the scum, effluent, and sludge layers. We then clean out your tank, fully extracting as many solids as possible, and make sure everything is in working order. Before we leave you will receive our free 28-point septic stress test showing you the condition of your tank that we determined after cleaning out and getting a better look at your tank. Finally, we take everything we pumped out to our recently improved and expanded treatment facility.

Treatment Center
With efficiency and the environment in mind, our routes to the treatment center are planned with routing software. The contents of your tank (and many others) are pumped into large holding tanks to start the screening process. This screening process separates any solid debris (any solid your body did not process) from the liquid waste we need to treat. Once this screening process is complete, the contents start the second phase of treatment. To treat the liquid waste we use hydrated lime, which prevents the growth of pathogens and helps stop water pollution. The treated waste is then tested until it’s safe to be land applied to local farmland. The contents of your tank are now fertilizer.

Local Farmland
We then transport the fertilizer to local farmland and pastures. Many farms purchase inorganic fertilizer containing chemicals that can contaminate our waterways and harm ecosystems. With little or no cost to local farmers, we save them a lot of money on other fertilizers they would otherwise purchase to keep their land at optimal farming condition. Additionally, you save money since we use our efficient treatment plan to process the contents of your tank rather than paying to dump the contents at a local city or county treatment facility.

Our Environment
Eventually, this nutrient rich fertilizer is processed by the Earth and brings nutrients back to the soil, crops, wildlife, and ground water. Since it is very important to keep our families, local wildlife, and waterways clean and healthy, we always recommend you pump and maintain your tank regularly. Regular pumping helps prolong the life of your system and helps prevent ground water pollution from a failed septic system. With our process, which follows rules from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, we make sure that anything put back into the earth from our process is of the highest quality. Our ultimate goal is to keep our community safe.